Okay, so yeah, this is one of those posts I do every so often when I look at my bills and my bank account and start to feel sort of light headed and queasy. It’s not a ‘donate to me!’ post, because I’m not in danger of losing my apartment or needing surgery (this year) or anything like that, but trying to make it mostly as a freelance artist is a terrifying thing, especially when I go almost two months without tabling at a con, and I could use help. So, this is a post to say, hey, I have stuff you can buy from me online, and you get something pretty cool, and every sale helps me out. So! Here is where you can find cool stuff I’ve made:

  • RedBubble-shirts, stickers, prints, etc. I freakin’ love their stickers TBH, and the shirts print much brighter than their weird previews show
  • Society6-a lot of the same stuff as Redbubble, but also like, mugs and other stuff? Lots of Shark Stuff here.
  • Adagio-I am ridiculous and have blended over 200 fandom-specific teas. Ever wondered what a cup of Thorin might taste like? I’ve got you covered. Did I mention that soon you’ll be able to get the Avengers sampler pack all the time? And the Guardians of the Galaxy teas will be back up SUPER SOON.
  • I’m not currently offering commissions, sorry D:
  • I’ll be at AWA in Atlanta, GA next weekend, and no other cons after that until Thought Bubble in Leeds, UK in November. I offer a lot more stuff at cons than I sell online, such as charms and necklaces and mugs and stuff, so if you’re in either of those areas, come say hi!
  • also fine I do have a donate button in my sidebar, and sometimes I get time to do sketches for people that are amazing enough to donate.

why do all movies about witches or girls in gangs have to end with them getting jealous of each other or that what they’re doing is wrong or they try to kill each other


friends: how can u still wear black, its summer




i really really wanna be excited about the deadpool movie but wade is probs gon be one or more of the following: 

  • heterosexual
  • only scarred enough to be manly but not enough to be ‘deformed’
  • a really ableist parody of schizophrenia or
  • just an neurotypical guy who likes to ‘act crazy’ 

and i’m not all about that jazz 

i was on omegle and someone asked me to rec them some movies and i got all excited and they left after i only gave them too and i just died on the little inside

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